Links to papers

Here are links to papers that have come up in discussions that are of interest to program participants:

From Rachel Somerville (from discussion of Thursday, 25 May 2006)

Papers on the agreement of between BH mass seen in accretion vs remants:

Yu & Tremaine 2002, MNRAS 335, 965

Marconi et al 2004, MNRAS 351, 169

Marconi, Rudnick, & di Matteo 2004, MNRAS 354, L37

Ferrarese & Merritt 2001, MNRAS 320, L30

From Priya Natarajan (from discussion of Friday, 26 May 2006)

King 2005, ApJ 635, L121

Thompson et al 2005, ApJ 630, 167

Ostriker & Ciotti (presentation at Sackler BH 2006 conference

Hopkins & Hernquist, astro-ph/0603180

ACS Virgo Cluster Survey papers: Relation of compact stellar nuclei, black holes, and galaxies (from discussion of Tuesday, 6 June 2006)

Cote et al, astro-ph/0603252

Ferrarese et al, astro-ph/0603840

Kristen Menou also noted the following paper on this topic:
Wehner & Harris, astro-ph/0603801

Compact bodies captured by nuclear black holes (in prep for discussion on Tuesday, 27 June 2006)

de Freitas Pacheco, Filloux, and Regimbau, astro-ph/0606427

Hopman and Alexander, astro-ph/0605457

Hopman and Alexander, astro-ph/0601161

Links pertaining to discussion of high-performance computing and dynamical simulations (from 18 July 2006)

GRACE at University of Heidelberg

MODESTA at University of Amsterdam

The GRAPE Project